Alfred V. Rascon

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Velasquez Rascon was awarded the Medal of Honor on February 8, 2000 for his heroism on March 16, 1966. Then Specialist Four Alfred Rascon, assigned as a Medic ignoring directions to stay sheltered until covering fire could be provided, he ignored flying bullets and exploding grenades to reach severely wounded soldiers. Rascon intentionally placed his body to protect a wounded comrade while under intense fire. As a result, Rascon suffered various injuries, including a serious wound to his hip. Ignoring his own injuries, Rascon then delivered ammunition to a machine-gunner running out of ammunition. Fearing an abandoned machine gun would fall into enemy hands; Alfred Rascon recovered the weapon and gave it to another soldier for additional suppression fire. In the process, Rascon was severely wounded again, the wounds now including shrapnel to his face and torso. Although critically wounded, Rascon ignored his wounds and continued to search for and aid the wounded. Not until after the enemy broke contact and he was on an evacuation helicopter did Rascon allow his own wounds to be tended.