Silvestre S. Herrera

Private First Class Silvestre Herrera was born in Camargo, Chihuahua, México. His parents died when he was one year old. His uncle brought him to El Paso, Texas where Herrera worked as a farm hand. Up until the age of 27 years old, Herrera believed that he was born in El Paso, Texas. It was not until his unit was mobilized that his family told him the truth about his citizenship and place of birth. While his platoon was pinned down on March 15, 1945, near Mertzwiller, France, Herrera made a frontal attack against the gun emplacement and captured eight enemy soldiers. Later that day, his platoon was once again pinned down by another gun emplacement. This time Pvt. Herrera attacked the position. This time, however, both his legs were shattered by mines that he had stepped on during his attack. Disregarding the pain and loss of blood, Herrera pinned down the enemy gunners allowing another squad to capture the enemy emplacement. Pvt. Herrera was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 5, 1945. The government of Mexico also presented him the Order of Military Merit, First Class.